Art by Joan Donovan

Artist Statement


My passion in art is to capture the beauty of nature. I enjoy creating art with photography and acrylic painting.

love of photography motivated me to take a digital photography class at Massachusetts College of Art.

I continued my creative studies with a class in Photoshop at Clark University. 

Art Association Membership:
Weymouth Art Association
Braintree Art


Weymouth Art Association
Honorable Mention -Spring 2009
Radiant Roses-Digital Photography

Honorable Mention -Spring 2011
July Lilies -Digital Photgraphy

Around the Town Program Exhibits
Weymouth Town Hall May-June 2009
Federal Savings March-April 2012

14th Annual Arts Affair
Marina Bay, Quincy
Burlington Boat House- Digital Photography
Radiant Roses- Spring - Digital Photography

Framers Edge, Braintree
Fall Photography Exhibit 2012

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